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My Radio Show: In Memory Of My Son Tristan, I Lost To Epilepsy

Your Host: Helene Lafleche

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1. Has your identity has a mom changed since the diagnosis?

2. How does living with a child with Epilepsy affect your marital relationship?

3. How does it affect your social life?

4. What are the taboos around epilepsy?

5. How do we deal with the guilt effectively?

6. How do we deal with judgmental people effectively?

7. How are family interactions impacted when one child has epilepsy?

8. How do you cope with the fear of a seizure outside the home?

9. What is the Impact on the whole family?

10. What are the Pitfalls to avoid when living with a child who has seizures?

11. Are you effectively helping your child cope with their condition?

12. How do single parents survive as caregivers?

13. How do you identify good resources outside your country of residence?

14. How to care for a witness of seizures outside the home?

15. How do caregivers Survive the teens years (medication mixed with parties)

16. Putting your life on the back burner, a good or bad idea?

17. What is the Myth of the neurologist as the hero of the story?

18. Anxiety, hyper-anxiety, and hypervigilance, how do caregivers cope?

19. Caregivers stress and burnout?

20. How do we cope with 7 unconscious emotions of care giving?

21. Hijacked by added responsibility? how to deal with it.

22. The savior / Hero syndrome – Save yourself first.

23. Isolation as a caregiver and how do we overcome it?

24. How to effectively dealing with grief (SUDEP) as a caregiver?

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