3 Simple Steps to Video Marketing


Research your market

The riches is in the niches  –  You need just a small business segment for your business, not the whole Internet.

Right away it's less scary, no?

First, go on Google and type Keyword Planner.  Search for your niche keywords.

For example, if you are in Network Marketing, you type MLM, MLM tips, How to start in MLM, etc.  Find the words people are searching for and make a list. Also, go in Facebook groups and check out there what people talk about.  You can go to forums like MLM.com and search there too.

Create Content

Your content will simply be answering their most pressing questions. Create a video and make sure you use a blueprint for your video, it's easier.

You can use this one for example.

  • Intro – present yourself and your blog address and ask a question
  • content – answering the question
  • Call to action : What is next, suggest what to do, click on a link or something similar.

Promote Content

Syndicate your content on social media.  Facebook post and boost it. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google and You Tube of course.

You can also do Facebook Live videos, Instagram 60 sec. videos and share it on Twitter.

Consider that with You Tube you develop residual leads over time.  Great investment.


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