What you need to know about the new Facebook Pages design

Facebook is revamping their Pages for professionals.  This will not be final as they are analyzing the user response. Keep an eye on your page for new changes on your new Facebook pages design.

As a Social Media manager and trainer I keep an eye on this.

The new or upcoming page design has the thumbnail picture on the left


New Facebook Pages - View as visitor
New Facebook Pages - Admin view

The main menu options on the top bar are the same, and the content within them are still the same, design-wise. The biggest change for admins is that the Promote button, which was to the top right of the cover photo on the current/old design, is now in the left sidebar at the bottom.

Statistics that were below the Promote button to the top right of the cover photo are now below the status update box in your New Facebook Pages.

Before, your Facebook page cover photo was covered by your profile photo, page name, username, call-to-action (CTA) button, Like button, Message button, and additional options button. But with the new or upcoming design, your cover photo will be shown free and will facilitate design.

The New Facebook Page Design

With the new banner/image you will be able to fit you design perfectly.  No more fiddling around to fit your picture or logo.
Your cover photo should be at least 828 pixels wide and 360 pixels tall. Don't forget to test your cover photo on desktop browsers and mobile browsers to make sure the main features of your cover photo are shown on both. This is important especially if you have text, because parts may get cut off and need to be rearranged.

Make sure all of your tabs have content. Don't leave a tab without content. 

Make sure also to fill up your ABOUT tab.

You can add a custom Tab

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.08.20 PM

Since you cannot hide the photos and videos tab.  Make sure to edit this section. Don't leave it blank.

For the videos you can link with Youtube.

For the photos you can link your Instagram account to your Facebook account to add images to your page automatically.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.08.01 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.07.42 PM


Enjoy your continued efforts for your Facebook Marketing strategies.

You can look into Facebook’s latest features like Notes and Live video. You can also reach more of your target audience through Facebook advertising.

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