5 Tips To Get Free Leads on Social Media

Zero budget strategy:

  1. Make a video with your smarphone
  2. Upload it to You Tube
  3. Syndicate it to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter
  4. Make a blog out of it. Put video and write a text around it.
  5. Convert it into a Podcast

If you are camera shy, start practicing doing small videos and sending them to your friends.  Then start posting them on Social Media.  It's so easy now with smartphone, no need to buy expensive cameras.  Open a You Tube account and upload directly from your phone to You Tube.  From there you can hit the share button, pick up the link and use it.

It's a good practice to start a blog and put your video on a post and underneath write about what you say in your video.  Syndicate it to Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and other if you have other accounts.

A good way to start getting used to videos also is to use Snapchat.  You make 10 sec. videos and they disappear after 24 hours.  What is new is 1 minute video on Instagram.  It was supposed to roll out May 31 but it is already available.

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