Problem selling?

Don't sell… Tell stories

In network marketing you are told to come up with your story, rehearse and share it.

Seems childlike and not so serious, not really.

It does work pretty well actually.  For example, how do you feel when people spam you or pitch you?

Most people will do it but don't like to have this being done to them. It doesn't work!

On the other hand, most people love to hear a good story.  There are many ways to tell a story.

Here are 10 ways to sell with stories:

  1. Product story
  2. Success story
  3. Demo
  4. Incentive story
  5. Convention story
  6. How excited you are about… story
  7. Company story
  8. Before and after pictures
  9. Before and after videos
  10. Routine sharing story

Keep in mind to start talking about you as a brand.

So, stop pitching and start telling stories!

Hum… you don't know how to build a story,don't worry I got you covered.  

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